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    How Often Do You Rearrange Your Library Book Shelves?

    Written by Business Training Video. Posted in Custom dry erase label, Specialty labels, Spine labels

    You knew that things would be different in your house once you and your husband were empty nesters. What you did not realize, however, that you would be spending so much time in the library. Sure, you have always liked to read, but once all of the piano books were put away and all of the teaching items were stored as well, the library, which also served as the music room for many years, is a very inviting space. As you spent more time in the library, you also found a new interest. You ar to sure what other people call it, but you have names your new interest bookscaping, and you love it.
    What started as a simple repair with cloth book tape, you realized that you could create color coordinated designed with the books. With the addition of unique spine labels and various colors of cloth book tape, you have created a patriotic look for the first week in July and have plans to create a school color themed display for the beginning of the next school year.
    Your husband smiles whenev