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    Why an Office Phone Booth is a Great Idea

    Written by Business Training Video. Posted in Green office design ideas, Office soundproofing partitions, Office stress relief ideas

    So-called “white-collar jobs” often take place in an office building, ranging from a city hall to a skyscraper to some company’s corporate headquarters. While these work spaces provide everything that an employee needs, such as a desk and computer, a phone, copier machines, and a break room, there are some minor hazards to watch out for, too. Workplace distractions are very much a reality, and sometimes, distractions such as loud conversations, laughter, sneezing or coughing, or noisy traffic outside the window can wear down on an employee’s patience, eroding their concentration and peace of mind alike. Sometimes, it may feel like a worker cannot get any peace and quiet at the workplace, and this can be a real problem when the worker is on the phone with customers and the conversation is drowned out by nearby sounds. But there are solutions to this issue: working remotely, and installing an offic