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    6 Safety Tips When Using Web Slings

    Written by Business Training Video. Posted in Cable and rigging products, Heavy-duty trailer door straps, Screw pin shackle

    Are you planning to invest in a major construction project? If so, you want to maximize the use of available resources while minimizing injuries to construction workers.

    Statistics show that falls are the leading cause of deaths in a construction project. So, what do you do to safeguard the lives of your employees?

    Moving construction materials is among the first steps of your project, besides planning. It is a vital process in every construction project. One can use, cranes, hoists, derricks, and conveyors to handle these materials.

    Derricks, cranes, and hoists rely on web slings to hold and stabilize the load during equipment handling. Therefore, quality slings are very useful in handling the equipment part. Having and operating defective web slings is quite dangerous in any construction site.

    To maintain safety standards when dealing with web slings, all contractors and construction experts need to know the following.

    1. All Slings Ar