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    When Was the Last Time You Had to Rent an Office Space?

    Written by Business Training Video. Posted in Fully furnished office space, Office in delaware, Rise in virtual offices

    You are a single mom looking to hopefully find a full time, at home job. Initially, you were not sure how to start the process of finding employment, but after a bit of investigation you found out that there are some co working spaces in the area that provide initial onsite training before new employees transition into working from home. The work can be customer care options for an insurance company, sales for a locally owned but nationally operated food retailer, or one of several national hotel chains. And while none of these jobs have really high hourly rates, they are significantly above the minimum wage that is paid at many of the local fast food restaurants.
    Today’s job availability is very different from what would have been available a decade ago. In fact, as the new decade begins, there are many kinds of at home employment opportunities that allow for workers to complete many kinds of jobs at home. Even when people do need to go into the office, the c working spaces are v