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    How to Make Digital Marketing Trends Work for You

    Written by Business Training Video. Posted in Facebook advertising, Social media advertising, Social media marketing

    Digital marketing has experienced more changes in the last five years than it has during the previous two decades. A primary driver for the rapid pace of change is the breakneck innovation cycle in technology that underpins online marketing. It wasn’t too long ago when all you needed to do to excel on social platforms was to post regularly. Now if you aren’t deploying chatbots, you risk being kicked to the curb.

    While some firms excel at keeping up with all these trends, many more can barely keep up with deploying what worked two years ago. Read below for a deep dive into four trends that are influencing online marketing.

    1. Personalization

    Personalization in digital marketing is the use of insights gleaned from customer data to deliver relevant advertisements and offers. Some insights you use include behavioral patterns, buying intent, and demographic information. When you create a precisely tailored ad for your target audience, you get to deliver better customer experiences as co