Buying Metal Melting Systems? Consider Inductotherm Melting Furnace

As a leader of a metal casting company, you understand that metal melting is an important activity in the manufacturing industry. Most of the things that people are using today are made using metal, and as such, metal runs the world and the lives of people. Equipping your business with an inductotherm melting furnace is essential in increasing melting activities in your company.

Inductotherm has been selling metal melting furnaces to many companies around the world. Therefore, buying an Inductotherm furnace from the company is a decision you should also consider.

This article discusses some of the benefits that you will gain by buying Inductotherm furnace.

1. Comprehensive Melting Furnace

A comprehensive melting furnace is an induction furnace that can offer the lowest frequencies during the melting process and also the maximum frequencies at the same time. Studies show that frequencies in induction melting vary from 50 cycles per second and 10,000 cycles per second. All the melting furnaces manufactured and sold by the company can meet these frequencies, which means that you will be getting a comprehensive system for your casting company.

2. Industrial Experience

As you also know, experience in the manufacturing industry. You cannot depend on an inexperienced company to supply you with a reliable induction forge for your casting business. Inductotherm Corporation has been in the industry for many years, which means that we have the necessary experience to provide quality services. As it stands, the company has manufactured more than 36,500 heating and melting systems that are used in different companies around the country.

3. Proven Melting Technology

As operations change and different companies incorporate innovative techniques in their operations, we have also changed the manufacturing of our inductotherm melting furnace. The company has incorporated advanced and proven melting technology that will be essential in the success of your casting business. The technology incorporated will help you to achieve your melting needs without experiencing difficulties. Traditionally, most of the people working in the metal melting industry have experienced multiple difficulties brought about by faulty induction melting systems.

4. Efficient Energy Use

Over the last few years, the optimum use of energy has become an issue of consideration for many companies in the manufacturing sector. Heavy energy consumers such as casting companies are looking for alternatives that will help them to cut the use of energy so that they can improve profits. This can only be done with an energy-efficient induction forging furnace. However, most of the systems in the industry are not energy efficient. Inductotherm melting furnace has been made to be energy efficient to metal casters..

5. Alternative Casting Systems

Most of the induction furnace manufacturers don’t offer multiple systems that can be used in the melting industry other than induction heating equipment. However, Inductotherm Corporation is a leading manufacturer of other systems that can help a casting company to handle most of the needs in the casting industry. Some of the systems offered by the company include pouring systems, holding systems, heating furnace, and induction melting systems. Therefore, as a metal casting company, you can get anything that can be useful in your company under one roof.

6. Customized Induction Systems

Some casting companies are always melting customized metal products so that they can meet the needs of their customers. This means that a standard induction melting system does not work in such companies. Other entities melt different metals, such as copper, gold, iron, and aluminum. These companies need customized induction systems. At Inductotherm Corporation, you can get a steel melting induction furnace or any other customized induction system that will work in your company.

Are you looking for an induction furnace for sale? Inductotherm melting furnace is one of the best induction melting systems that you can get. The system is sold by Inductotherm Corporation, a leading company in the manufacture of metal melting systems.

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