Best Systems for Restaurant and Retail

In a YouTube Video titled What’s For Dinner, David Portalatin, a food industry advisor, discusses opportunities for businesses to meet the consumer demand for prepared food. When someone is very busy, they will often order food at a restaurant, order groceries online, or subscribe to a meal kit.

The industry offers businesses many ways to meet consumer needs for food that can be picked up and delivered and ready to eat. Many restaurants have online ordering and delivery to meet customer needs and own mobile food trucks that provide their services in different locations. There are many restaurant and retail solutions to meet the demand for food.

Supermarkets have online grocery shopping and delivery for those that do not have the time to shop. This means they can order groceries and be well stocked up.

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Supermarkets make meal kits and some have buffets where you can buy premade dinners, salads, and desserts ready to eat. Other businesses have subscription food delivery services that send premade meals and recipes to your home with recipes on how to make them. Most are tested and are quick and easy to make for individuals and families. There are many opportunities for businesses to work together across the food supply chain to supply consumers with restaurant and retail solutions for prepared meals by using technology and delivery services.


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