An Introduction to Excavation Projects

Excavation projects involve much more than digging holes. They involve the removal of earth and soil from an area to form a trench, a hole, a cavity, or a tunnel by drilling and trenching. The excavation also involves using heavy machinery such as excavators, bulldozers, backhoes, and forward loaders.

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Excavation work is essential for any construction, mining, or exploration project. In construction, for example, exploration enables the construction of a strong foundation for tall building structures and a stable surface for properties surrounding them.

To get the basics of excavation projects, you need to understand frequently used terminologies in excavation projects. These terminologies include:

1. Bulk excavation: The process of cutting down all materials, including structures and trenches, to a specified level in preparation for structural or road construction.
2. Sloping: This type of excavation where materials are removed in a slanting direction to protect people from cave-ins during construction.
3. Shoring: This is placing temporary structures in place to prevent other facilities from collapsing during construction.

Watch the linked video above to get a visual explanation of excavations and contact a local professional for a consultation about your excavation project.

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