A Peek Into How Companies Make ADA Signs

Making ADA signs begins with creating and finalizing the artwork. At the beginning of the process, you also must always make sure that the design in compliance with a state’s set regulation. There are a lot of criteria a designer must take into account when designing ADA signs.

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Whether you are designing the sign or you’re having a professional do it, make sure you research your area’s regulations to ensure that you’re in compliance before you begin the process of making the physical sign.

The art of making ADA signs is a process with several steps that must be followed to the letter. Cutting out the background is the first step, in which a company uses a laser cutter to cut special acrylics into pieces. A plastic sheet of 130 inches is added and pressed on the background, becoming the lettering and symbols.

The company then places the signs on the laser cutter, which accurately cuts out the letters and symbols. The cutout plastic should be of the right thickness to ensure compliance. After cutting letters and symbols, the excess material is eliminated by hand, leaving the final sign copy. One can utilize a drill to add extra holes if necessary. Once these steps are complete, you have your ADA sign!


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