A Look Into Why You Should Donate Your Old Clothes

If you’re looking to get rid of some old clothing, you are likely far from alone all throughout the United States. As a matter of fact, the average person is going to own more clothes than ever before, all throughout history. After all, someone living in the United States today is actually consuming up to double the amount of clothing than someone living in this country would have been consuming just 20 years in the past. In addition to this, the average woman living in the United States now even has, on average, as many as 30 different outfits to choose from. Just one hundred years in our past, this was very much not the case, as the average American woman would have had only just nine outfits in total – and for many, even this was quite the profound luxury indeed.

Therefore, cleaning our your closet is something that likely the vast majority of all people are very much going to be able to benefit from. After all, having too much clutter in your home can make it much less enjoyable to live there indeed. Therefore, getting rid of some of this clutter can open up your space and make it much more easy to live within. However, simply discarding your clothing and throwing it away has become a real problem, with the average American person discarding of up to ten pounds of clothing that will then be sent to landfills found all throughout the country.

And it’s not just clothing waste, but textile waste as well. Textile waste, including linens and other household goods, leads to up to ten and a half million tons of waste added to landfills with each and every year that passes us by. This means that, in total, the average person is producing up to 70 pounds of textile waste throughout this same span of time, something that is likely going to be quite hugely detrimental indeed to our environment in the grand scheme of things. And as many people already know, we cannot cope with much further environmental decline without experiencing very severe consequences from it, to say the very least. Therefore, simply removing or even just reducing the overall amount of waste that we are generating as individuals can actually end up going a long way towards creating a more sustainable way of living for a great many people.

Fortunately, there are steps that we can all take to greatly lower the overall amount of clothing and textile waste that we are producing – and this can be done through used clothing donations. If you’re looking to donate clothes, try to find your nearest clothing drop off locations. In recent years, these clothing drop off locations have become ever easier to find all throughout the country. As a matter of fact, there is more likely than not going to be at least one of these clothing drop off locations found near your, where to donate household items is very ideal. After all, such clothing drop off locations are often linked to various charitable organizations, meaning you are helping those in need as well as the environment when you give old clothing to clothing drop off locations just about everywhere all throughout the country.

For instance, wounded veterans charities often use clothing drop off locations to bring in more clothing than what would otherwise be possible. This clothing can then be sold by the organization to benefit those who they service or it can be given to those in need of it. After all, nearly half of all donated clothing (including clothing donated to clothing drop off locations) is in good enough condition to be worn again, if not by a number of new people

At the end of the day, there are so many reasons to give your used clothing to various clothing drop off locations and charitable organizations. For one thing, it is simply a great way to be much more environmentally friendly. Our planet is in dire straits and it comes down to all of us taking steps towards building a more sustainable future not only just for ourselves but for our children and our children’s children and so on and so forth.

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