A Look Into The Importance Of Our Legal System

The legal system in the United States is a very important one, filled to the brim with very important players. From judges to lawyers to other such legal professionals, the people in the legal world help to keep things running smoothly. For instance, the typical judge is likely to preside over a large number of cases in the course of his or her career. Judge Ward provides a great example of this, presiding over as many as 150 total jury trials, if not even more than this. This judge also handled hundreds of patent cases and as many as 150 (if not more) claim construction hearings as well. And judges are often working in the field for quite some time, meaning that they get a great deal of experience under their belt, experience that can then be used to better the lives of people all throughout the country. Judge Dennis M. Cavanaugh is a fantastic example of exactly this, as he served as a United States Magistrate Judge for seven years between the year of 1993 and the year of 2000. And since then, he has been a United States district court judge.

And lawyers and attorneys also play a hugely important role in our legal system. Different lawyers specialize in different aspects of the law, something that is very important indeed when you consider the sheer number of different legal cases that are seen on a yearly basis in this one country alone. For instance, cases of lender liability are quite commonplace. In addition to cases of lender liability, cases of contractual disputes are also common. And, like cases of lender liability and contract disputes, cases surrounding patent disputes and personal injury litigation are far from obsolete.

Personal injury litigation, as a matter of fact, is particularly common – largely for the fact that many different kinds of legal cases fall under the larger umbrella of personal injury. For instance, cases of medical malpractice are hugely commonplace. Medical malpractice can, after all, occur in number of different ways. Sadly, birth injuries are not overly uncommon – and can very easily result in a medical malpractice case. So too, as a matter of fact, can cases of surgical error, especially if this error leaves the patient in question in need of further medical care in order to correct the mistake that was made.

And in addition to medical malpractice, car accident cases – as well as other such motor vehicle accident cases – often also fall under the personal injury umbrella. Car accidents are commonplace, with well over five and a half million of them occurring over the course of just one single year. Sadly, thousands upon thousands of lives will be lost in these accidents, and as many as three million injuries sustained. When one party is clearly at fault for the accident, there are likely grounds for a personal injury case.

And like cases of personal injury, lender liability, and patent disputes, many other cases are able to be handled outside of the courtroom, solved with stand-by mediation or other such dispute resolution methods. By keeping cases like lender liability and personal injury litigation from ever going to trial, countless resources can be saved not just for the legal system, but for everyone involved, including the participants in a case such as lender liability as well. Ultimately, issues regarding lender liability and other such cases as those mentioned above often can be solved in this manner, with only a relatively small percentage ever actually going to trial.

And still other cases can benefit from mediation. For instance, couples who are separating and getting divorced are likely not to want a drawn out court case if they are at all able to avoid it. Fortunately, a drawn out process such as this can be cut down significantly in terms of overall time, so long as mediation is available to them. For many people, mediation will help to make a painful process all the less painful. It will help to make the process shorter and make the resolution something that benefits everyone involved.

All in all, our legal system is a very important one indeed, and will grow more so.

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