6 Considerations to Make When Choosing the Best Trucking and Freight Company for Transportation

When you need the services of trucking companies, some of the things to look at are speed and reliability. Of course, other factors such as rates, reputation, and coverage among others will come into play when making the decision. But in a trucking industry with plenty of options to choose from, it’s important to get more practical information to find the right logistics service.

Guarantee On-Time Delivery

In the trucking industry especially, whether it’s humanitarian, military or commercial logistics, the carrier or the trucking company needs to assure their clients on-time delivery. They also need to have clear measures and remedies if a delay happens and they are liable. Many of these logistics companies will offer discounts to cover for the delays.

Also, you need to know the container delivery steps and route from the moment your sign of order forms to their final destination —the stages it takes for the product to reach you. What happens if your order arrives late at the warehouse storage? Do they offer a same-day delivery guarantee or your order has to wait for the next business day? And what about urgent orders! Do they handle such and if so at what cost?

Get to know their delivery timeline for urgent orders and don’t be afraid to ask these questions. At least that’s the only way to determine if a container trucking company if right for your business or not.

Offshore Coverage

Another important aspect when choosing a trucking company is offshore delivery. Let say you want to send or receive a shipment container from another state. How much do they charge for that and how long can you expect the delivery to your door step? Find a carrier that covers most of the offshore states and provide package protection considering the long distance.

Trained, Licensed and Experienced Drivers

The service delivery of a trucking company is best defined by the quality of drivers and delivery handlers they have. Though there are local and international standards governing freight transportation, each carrier is responsible for sourcing and training its drivers and cargo handlers. A good trucking company will often organize special training for their staff to remain competitive in the trucking industry.

Extra Services

If you are dealing with time-sensitive orders and any delay whatsoever could greatly impact your business, then you need to be assured that your products will be delivered on time, but you have to pay extra. It’s not a regular service hence treated as a premium service for those people who are willing to pay. Normally the transportation costs will be canceled in case of any unexpected eventualities that cause delay on delivery. Ask if there is such as service because you never know when you’ll need to use should you want expedite shipment.

International Logistics

For any business that looks to grow and expand it operations beyond its boarders, the international market offers that opportunity. This often means having a reliable trucking company that handle your product distribution across the world. But not all transport carriers accept international deliveries, which is why you need to know the continents and specific countries the company ships to. How do they handle deliveries in political unstable countries?

Freight Cost and Rates

The cost of transportation is dictated by several economic circumstances including fuel costs, truck capacity, geopolitical events, laws and regulations among others. These are some of the factors that will influence the final freight costs a carrier will charge you. But with increased competition and the need to retain customers, trucking companies are offering discounts, promos and fuel cards for certain amount of deliveries. What are the causes that can lead to increased freight costs? Understand the terms and conditions before you enter into a contract with the company.

Finally, when choosing a trucking and freight service, you’d want to look beyond the quote. Well, that is a start at least, but it’s important if you know what you are paying for. These factors will help you make an informed decision on not only affordable, but the most reliable trucking company for your business.

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