5 Ways to Save Large Amounts of Money on Shipping

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Every business knows the importance of sending and receiving items as fast as possible. You want your company to do everything possible to reduce costs associated with shipping. Many companies find that sending out items as fast as possible vastly reduces revenue numbers. It’s common for a business to use eco friendly shipping materials to save money while reducing their environmental footprint. You’ll want to follow a few simple tips to ensure that your air and ocean cargo shipping costs remain low. Here are five easy ways to save money on shipping costs.

  1. Utilize Direct Cargo Transportation

    You’ll find that cargo transportation services are good for the environment due to the reduction in time and additional stops. Direct cargo transportation works to cut out the middlemen, passing on cost savings and reducing shipment times. Utilizing point to point transportation helps to reduce connection time and cases of goods becoming damaged. Many businesses partner with cargo companies to have their shipping needs handled.
  2. Work With a Logistics Service

    A business owner is often pressed for time. It makes sense to work with a logistics company to provide your business with assistance including finding the best air shipping rates. A logistics service ensures your business receives the products they need at the lowest possible cost. Finding the lowest possible cost is especially beneficial if your business does a lot of international shipping. For instance, a company shipping within Canada pays less sending goods throughout their country than shipping to South America. In many cases, a logistics company can save a business a lot of money, especially if they frequently ship goods.
  3. Prioritize Which Items Warrant Higher Costs

    Your business is likely to need certain items faster than others. You’ll find it beneficial to make a list of all items your business uses regularly. A simple look through past purchase receipts can shine a lot of light on poor shipping decisions. It’s wise to look for longer shipping methods that save money on items that aren’t often ordered.
  4. Consider Insuring Packages

    It might seem like spending additional money on insurance won’t save on shipping. However, not having insurance could mean losing a lot of money when shipment problems arise. Many suppliers tend to have some sort of shipping insurance plan in place. If you’re currently receiving uninsured items, you might consider air and ocean partners with better shipping insurance plans.
  5. Consolidating Suppliers from Nearby Locations

    In some cases, you might find that all suppliers you need are in close proximity. It makes a lot of sense to try and purchase all supplies through one country due to the cost savings. If you’re purchasing items from countries across the world, shipping costs could become astronomical. Finding suppliers in one area may help to reduce air shipping rates from vendors located all across the world.

In summary, there are several ways to save big on shipping costs. Many companies utilize direct cargo transportation to save money and costs on shipments. A logistic service helps to ensure that clients ship and receive items by utilizing the lowest air shipping rates. You might want to look through items your business orders to find the how much you’re paying for goods. Many companies insure their shipped items to make sure they never have to pay extra fees for missing or damaged goods. Finding suppliers that all work within a centralized location can help reduce shipping expenses. Saving money on shipping costs allows your company to allocate funds to other important business matters. Learn more about this topic here.

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