5 Reasons Why in-Plant Modular Offices Are Better Than Traditional

Every inch of space in a warehouse is very important. Wasting space is equal to wasting money. While a neatly organized facility is important to the efficiency of a warehouse, your warehouse office is just as important.

When you have a warehouse office that’s clean and quiet, your team can perform better with their tasks. A warehouse is like a living organism. The layout adjusts over time, expanding as the need arises.

But how can you adjust the layout if your office is permanently in place?

Tearing it down and constructing it to a new location takes time, and is expensive as well.

This is just one of the reasons why in-plant modular offices are better. They are cost-effective and expandable. This type of office is also customizable and can be easily relocated. Read on as we go in-depth on the 5 reasons why a modular in-plant office is better than a traditional one.

1. Cost-Effective

Constructing an office in the warehouse in a traditional way is more costly. A report by the Building Industry Association of Philadelphia estimates that going modular can reduce construction cost by 9% to 20%.

The prefab materials cost a lot less and are easier to install. Prefabricated office walls and other materials are actually made in the factory (thus the term “in-plant”). Building the office is not as intrusive, allowing your warehouse to operate even if the office is being set up.

Modular methods allow for speedier construction times while still maintaining quality. One Chinese modular construction company recently built a 57-story building in just 19 days.

2. Expandability

As your business grows and expands, you need a warehouse that can easily cope with this. When you have in-plant modular offices, you can effortlessly expand them to add more space for your growing team.

If in case you need to relocate it, you won’t have to tear the office down and rebuild from scratch. For example, if you find the meeting room too small to accommodate your growing team members, you can easily remove a wall without compromising other walls or the ceiling panels.

The cost of expansion is greatly minimized compared to traditional offices. You can add a new office room without going through the entire construction process.

3. Customizable

Your warehouse office doesn’t have to look exactly the same as the traditional versions. If you want to expand the office vertically to save some space, you can simply do so. You can also specify where you want the stairs to be placed.

Since the walls and other parts of the office are prefabricated, you can request a specific material or finish beforehand.

Most companies that provide modular office construction and services have a number of design options for the windows and walls to choose from.

4. Sustainability

Modular offices are eco-friendly. From the construction of the prefab materials right down to the installation, they produce no harm to the environment.

There are no harmful environmental effects that are usually associated with traditional construction like dust or noise pollution. Warehouse operations are not negatively-affected at all as you add more office space or relocate. There are no disruptions due to noisy construction often experienced with the traditional method.

An environment-friendly office is always a big plus to the image of a company.

5. Sound and Environmental Proofing

A warehouse is mostly full of activities. Packing products, storing and moving items on the rack, and driving a forklift down the aisle all produce a cacophony of sound. This could be distracting when you’re crunching numbers in the office.

Fortunately, in-plant modular office walls are designed to be soundproofed. Working inside this type of office offers a peaceful and calm environment. It helps your workers focus on their tasks.

The walls are also designed to regulate temperature and humidity, allowing for a stress-free working space. This helps to increase office productivity even if located inside the warehouse.

In-Plant Modular Offices Are a Better Choice

A traditional warehouse office is a mess to build and relocate. It can also incur you a lot of expenses better allocated to projects. When you go with in-Plant modular offices, you save time and money. And if in case you want to move your office to another location for better supervision, you can easily do so in less time and effort.

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