4 Pro Fire Safety Tips for Businesses

“Putting out a fire” is a common phrase used by business owners. What if the fire is more than just a metaphor? Do you know what to do to reduce the chances of a fire breakout – and how do you react when one does? Statistics show that motel and hotel fires result in about 150 injuries and 15 deaths every year.

This is an indication of how catastrophic a fire outbreak can be. To ensure that your employees and staff are protected in such events, there should be a properly designed fire alarm installation as well as a fire safety plan. The fire safety plan should feature a comprehensive evacuation plan that employees can use to exit the building quickly in the event of a fire outbreak.

Here are the four fire safety tips every business should know.

Have a Fire Suspension System in Place

Fire suspension systems are sophisticated devices strategically placed in different areas of a building, and will automatically trigger when temperatures reach certain degrees. You can even turn them manually by pulling an emergency switch that releases chemicals on fire-prone locations to extinguish the fire.

Offices, restaurants, and motels should have fire alarm installation done professionally, and in compliance with fire codes. Once completed, the system should be tested thoroughly. This guarantees it’s compliance with the fire safety codes and local laws.

Fire Alarm Variables

When it comes to fire alarm installation, smoke detectors aren’t optional, but where such a system is installed, it’s left entirely to the business owner. If you’re seeking fire protection services, there are vital factors you need to consider before making your decision.

First, professional fire alarm service Orlando guarantees you that the work will meet the manufacturer’s requirement as well as the building codes. If you’re thinking of installing fire alarm systems, then smoke alarms are perfect at detecting both carbon monoxide and smoke. 24/7 smoke monitoring is equally important so that there’s always someone on standby to dispatch emergency personnel.

Take note that you don’t have to be fooled by dual sensor smoke detectors that feature both photoelectric and ionization smoke sensors. Most ionization smoke detectors have been discontinued due to false alarm issues.

Emergency Fire Readiness

Businesses have to ensure that they conduct routine fire drills, refreshers, and fire prevention training. When there’s an emergency, it’s a rushed, confusing and scary situation- and most people tend not to operate well in such cases. That is why businesses should conduct routine review procedures and hot drills and include response information in new employee orientation.

They should also test the fire alarm installation by playing the alarm so that employees know what it sounds like. It can either be an overhead announcement, a horn or beep. They’ve got to be briefed on what to do when they hear it. Inspection has to be done to eliminate any false alarms like those of burning popcorn in a microwave.

Business Owners should run tests to evaluate how fast employees can leave their workspaces, reminding them that their personal belongings may be left behind. Businesses also have to work closely with the fire department to conduct periodic training for all employees on how to properly use a fire extinguisher.

Have an evacuation Plan

Every business or workplace should have an evacuation plan. While employees should know the type of sound from the fire alarm installation, they must not ignore it. Understand that even the most elaborate plans are useless if the person who designed it is the only one who knows about it.

That’s why business owners must go through an evacuation plan and make sure that every employee and staff member is knowledgeable about what they should do. The plan should detail the exits to use, and the employees need to be aware of the steps they have to take to reach the exit if there’s a visibility problem. Every business should also have at least two exits just in case one is blocked.

Businesses should also seek the help of a fire protection company to guide employees on how to perform post evacuation plans following a fire incident.

When businesses institute and adhere to fire safety tips, they’ll always have fewer casualties and deaths in case of a fire outbreak.

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