3 Ways to Make Playgrounds Safe

Playgrounds have been used by children for well over a hundred years. Children love to clamber over, under, and around various structures that allow them to play and have fun. However, as much fun as playgrounds are, it is also important to build them in a way that makes them as safe as possible for the children who play on them. Finding a safe playground solution is essential, to make sure children can play without getting hurt. This article will look at a few ways to make playgrounds safe.

  • Recycled Plastic Lumber for Playground Equipment: One safe playground solution is to build playground equipment made out of recycled plastic wood. Plastic wood is a safer alternative to use because, unlike real wood, it doesn’t splinter or rot. This makes it safer because children can play on it for years without fear of the wood splintering or breaking underneath them. Regular wood, by contrast, can rot very easily, since it only needs water, oxygen, and favorable temperatures to begin breaking down. Playgrounds built from real lumber will need to be replaced every few years, while playgrounds built with recycled plastic lumber can be used for many years before needing to be replaced.
  • Plastic Fencing: Another safe playground solution is to surround a playground with plastic fencing. This might seem like a strange way to make a playground safe, but if you think about how children play, it’s actually very useful. Think about it, children love to run, and jump, and practically fly about playgrounds, often without looking where they are going. If traditional wood or metal fencing is used, there’s a risk that children could run into it and accidentally get hurt. There’s the additional problem that, like using real lumber for playground equipment, wood fencing would have to be replaced every few years, and metal fencing can rust over time. Plastic fencing, on the other hand, doesn’t rot, and wouldn’t need to be replaced for a very long time. Also, it’s unlikely children will accidentally cut themselves if they should happen to run into it.
  • Proper Landscaping: A third safe playground solution is to make sure the playground area is properly landscaped to make it safe for playing. By this I mean that the playground area should be landscaped in such a way that the ground is completely flat, or as close to flat as possible, with any holes in the ground filled in. Also, if there are any borders between grassy areas and mulched play areas, they should be bordered in a way that children can run between them without fear of tripping and getting hurt.

In conclusion, there are several ways you can keep a playground as safe as possible for children. These include using recycled plastic lumber for playground equipment, using plastic fencing to surround the playground area, and properly landscaping the playground area so children can run around safely. These are all good ways to make a playground safe for children.

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