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    Why Arbitration Over Litigation? The Pros and Cons

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    What Is Arbitration?

    Arbitration is an alternative method of traditional dispute resolution. Arbitration, also known as alternative dispute resolution is a method used to prevent filing lawsuits and settling in court, and typically arbitration is a method that most people choose to avoid excessive fees and loopholes that could stall resolving the solution. There are general principles of arbitration that maintain order during ABR:

    1. The purpose of mediation is to obtain a just resolution between disputes by an impartial third-party without nonessential expenses or delays.

    2. Parties should be able to discuss how disputes are resolved and are subject to disagreement only by safeguards and a mediator in the interest of the public.

    3. Courts should not disrupt arbitrations.

    How Arbitration Works

    Arbitrations can be presented in many cases—disputes concerning employment discrimination, thi

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