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Hipaa training video free

When you are running a business, it is important to supply your employees with proper understanding of training procedures. Many businesses decide to use videos to train their employees. There are several advantages to using business training videos.

First, most people enjoy watching videos and television in their free time. A video format encourages them to pay attention and stay engaged, thus ensuring that more of the lesson will be learned than if you had repeated it early.

Second, if the company is large enough or the video topic is something other companies will also need, then the business training videos can be produced at a good quality, making the program more interesting and colorful.

Third, videos are routine and guaranteed to cover all necessary talking points. Employers know that employees will respect a message more if it is delivered as a speech rather than read off a sheet of paper. This, however, invites mistakes or omissions to occur. Business training videos will give the same presentation with all needed facts, correctly, every time.

For videos that deal with government regulations such as HIPAA, it is possible to even get free training video s. HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which deals with medical disclosures, privacy and patient consent. It is intended to improve the health care system by encourage electronic data interchange. It is important that employees follow HIPAA since a hospital or other medical facility can be charged thousands of dollars for violation. A free HIPAA training video can be very useful to have.


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