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    How To Ship Pharmaceuticals More Effectively

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    In 2015, it was estimated that the total amount spent in the United States’ logistics and transportation industry totaled more than $1.4 trillion—a number that roughly totals 8% of the nation’s gross domestic product.

    An important part of that logistics sector is pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical logistics. Globally, the pharmaceutical industry does over $1 trillion in business and that number is steadily rising, expected to rise by 41% between 2015 and 2021.

    It’s true that pharmaceutical logistics can get medications to manufacturers and customers effectively, but there are many problems keeping the industry from always functioning to its full potential:

    • Controlling the Temperature: It’s no secret that many pharmaceutical products must be kept at a certain temperature while in transit or they can decrease in effectiveness. A popular method of transportation for pharmaceuticals is through cold chain delivery. Cold chain delivery—simply put– involves transporting frozen or refrigerated products.
    • Supply Chain Management: Currently the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t really rely on truckload logistics to handle supply chain management and markets in more remote places like South America and Asia.
    • Lack of Coordination: As a global industry, a coordinated supply chain is important, but this is far from easy. People, especially elderly folks, are always in need of medications. If supply chains break down, they may turn to cheap alternatives, which in turn would hurt the name brands.
    • Warehouse Management: The growth of the global pharmaceuticals has led to an increase in supplies and a need for more warehouses. While warehouses help house supplies, the need for better truckload logistics is becoming more important. If logistics operations are outsourced, this gives a company less control over operations. The use of IT, truckload logistics and management systems are a growing trend in pharmaceutical logistics, but are not at high levels just yet.

    When it comes to finding sensible cold shipping solutions, there are several factors to consider. Cold shipping isn’t just about chilling items. The other big key is making sure the items being shipped are safe while in transit. This is especially true of pharmaceutical transit as even a slight temperature fluctuation can greatly reduce or completely eliminate the effectiveness of vaccines, medications and other important medical items that folks rely on every day.

    For sensible, reliable cold shipping solutions, it’s important to use some or all of the following steps to make sure your pharmaceuticals are protected and shipped correctly and safely:

    • Get an experienced carrier: Many multi-national truckload carriers offer cold storage boxes for keeping items cool during transit. But when it comes to pharmaceuticals, all the packing in the world can be effectively cancelled out if a carrier is inexperienced at handling medications and vaccines.
    • Pack it up right: For pharmaceuticals, you’ll need to maintain a certain temperature and also have the right packaging materials, such as insulated foam containers and refrigerated containers.
    • Pick the right coolant: Part of the proper packing process also includes picking a reliable right coolant (dry ice, ice packs or gel packs). Dry ice works best for keeping things frozen and gel packs work best for maintaining a certain temperature.
    • Keep an eye on things: If you’re in the pharmaceuticals transportation business, adding a temperature monitor into the packaging is another way to make sure a certain temperature is maintained while you’ve got items in transit.
    • Know the rules: Shipping for cool items like pharmaceuticals will likely be subject to some regulations and it’s important to know exactly what those are. The last thing you want is to get hit with a violation because you don’t have everything in order when it comes to truckload freight.
    • Go with fast shipping: When looking at cold shipping solutions for essential items, overnight shipping is a great option for getting things to places and getting them there fast.
    • Track the shipment: Once you’ve sent your shipment on its way, make sure to get a tracking number so you can keep track of it.

    As the global pharmaceutical industry continues to grow, the need for effective logistics such as truckload logistics will too. Having a coordinated supply chain will help your company ship items more effectively and finding sensible cold shipping solutions will keep your items safe, cool and into the hands of customers much faster.

    Why We Need Industrial Plastic Distributors

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    Plastic distribution services provide us with the supplies needed to help us in our daily lives. A raw plastic distributor provides solutions for all plastic products, plastic resin suppliers, and plastic injection molding companies throughout the U.S in addition to receiving, warehousing, and shipping plastic products for all our shipping and boxing needs. Plastic distribution services specialize in different types of plastics storage, such as super sacks, gaylord boxes, bags, sampling, boxes, and repackaging.

    Performance in Industrial Plastic Distributors

    Performance plastics have the versatility to be strong, lightweight, flexible, durable, sheer and environmentally friendly. There are many advantages that plastics offer, including:


    1. The ability to withstand harsh chemicals and corrosion through being fully biodegradable


    2. The low-weight strength ratio is extremely cost-effective, saving money on transportation and fuel.


    3. Having a low coefficient of friction means there’s less lubrication and wear on other parts.


    4. The long life and repairability of performance plastics equal to fewer replacements and downtime.


    5. Through using plastic distribution services, there are specific distribution channels you must go through that severe for many varied functions, including:


    6. Acting as an agent for other plastic distribution services and thermoplastic resin suppliers and purchasing agents for customers throughout geographically defined markets.


    7. Distributing products to other industrial plastic distributors.


    8. Adding value through customizing products


    9. Acting as a type of bank; assisting in financing the growing economy through a partnership with distributors, like thermoplastic resin distributors.


    10. Being able to provide post-sale services and support


    11. Experts in the materials, such as providing a valuable knowledge base to their customers.


    How To Choose An Industrial Plastic Distributor

    Finding a distributor for your product can significantly benefit your business by distributing products widespread. Before choosing a potential distributor, it’s important to factor in what you’re looking for in a distributor.


    1. Be sure to ask end users of your products what distributors they prefer to purchase from


    2. Ask your current distributors if they’re interested in expanding their route or know of distributors that may be potentially interested.


    3. Figure out who your competitor’s distributors are for production purposes.


    4. Make sure to identify the list of raw plastic distributor of allied products.


    5. Attend meetings and trade shows that are sponsored by industry associations


    6. Ensure financial stability (i.e., credit history, timeliness of payments, etc.)


    7. Having knowledge of sales performance as a raw plastic distributor is a great resource for businesses.


    8. It’s important to compare the cost of each distributor, typically expressed as a percentage of the product cost. Make sure to determine and include any additional fees if they’re required for processing or storing products.


    9. Review the entire process, such as the product getting to the raw plastic distributor, payments, and if you’ll have a dedicated contract from the distributor.


    10. Finally, reassess and evaluate the trade before meeting with a potential distributor to better understand the structure of your product’s category in different distribution channels.

    Why It Takes An Expert To Create Your Prototype Product

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    Carbon fiber is often heralded as a miracle material. After all, it offers twice the strength of steel at nearly half the weight. PAN-based carbon fibers can even support strengths of up to 1,000 KSI while still maintaining its high stiffness.

    Today, this unique material is being used to create a variety of carbon fiber prototypes and designs. When you want to craft a carbon fiber prototype, here’s why you should always rely on the pros to get the job done right.

    There are multiple manufacturing options to choose from

    Depending on your desired end-product, you may need to rely on a number of carbon fiber properties to achieve your design. Though almost all your carbon fiber products will result in lightweight structures, there are typically two types of carbon fiber weave designs to choose from: unidirectional and bidirectional.

    Unidirectional fibers consist of parallel fibers which offer the final product high bending strength under forces. Having a flexible carbon fiber design is great for athletes, like sprinters, who rely on the bending properties to ease pressure on joints and create a more natural stride.

    Bidirectional products are made with carbon fibers that cross at 90 degrees. This offers a medium bending strength and medium-to-high torsional strength, making this design perfect for items like transfemoral sockets.

    Both qualities have their pros and cons that can be mitigated with fiber length, number of layers, and type of epoxy resin. All these options can make or break your carbon fiber prototype.

    Carbon fibers must be handled with care

    Despite a strong end-product, carbon fibers must be handled with the utmost care during the carbon fiber manufacturing process. This is because the actual carbon fiber threads are incredibly delicate before they’re weaved into a strong product. As such, they’re susceptible to scratching and folding that can weaken the final product should a filament suffer from any damage.

    There are health and safety factors

    Though you won’t experience toxicity from carbon fibers, working with this material might irritate your eyes, lungs, and skin without the proper care. When custom carbon fiber manufacturing comes into play, sanding, honing, and cutting the product relies on a variety of safety measures that must be upheld.

    Do you want to craft carbon fiber lightweight structures? Rely on the carbon fiber manufacturing services you can trust to get the job done right. At Element 6 Composites, we’re trained to engineer your product from start to finish. Leave the hard work to us.

    Explain Away: 3 Industries That Should Take Advantage Of Explainer Videos

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    We live in a world of instant gratification. People want to be able to consume and absorb content with little to no effort on their part, so how do you market to the general public if your business works within a complex or subtly nuanced industry? Through explainer videos, of course.

    Around 97% of marketers claim that videos help increase user understanding of their product or service. Explainer videos are designed specifically, as their namesake suggests, to explain some of the hard-to-grasp aspects of their utilizations or purposes; they capitalize on consumers’ short attention span to offer them as much information as possible, in the simplest format possible. The following three industries can benefits greatly from their implementation by an industrial marketing agency.

    • Financial: People have always found managing their finances to be overwhelming and confusing. As a result, many have inherent defenses in place to resist thinking about money at all. Your job is not only to explain how your service or product can help them, it’s to establish a trustworthy relationship that they feel comfortable engaging with. For example, show, through your explainer video, how your company’s products can play a role in their lives. An emphasis on storytelling will also keep them riveted until the very end.
    • Healthcare: Navigating the medical and healthcare industry can be as frustrating to people as doing their taxes; there are a number of forms to consider, insurance to figure out, and the fact that every person’s situation is different makes an explainer video absolutely required. You and your company have the ability to set their mind at ease and lay out all this complicated information in an easy-to-absorb way.
    • Technology: Staying up-to-date in an industry that’s always changing can sometimes feel futile for those who are less technologically-inclined. Animated explainer videos allow for complex and dynamic ideas to be absorbed without any fuss or confusion. Since people are largely visual learners, they’ll also ensure that your product sticks out among the competition in their mind.

    Industrial consulting agencies specialize in MRO consulting. When you employ the services of a professional company that has extensive experience researching effective marketing services, you’ll see the number of your marketing resources climbing. If you decide to hire an industrial marketing agency, and allow them to produce explainer videos for your site, there will be a remarkable change in consumer behavior.

    3 Unique Funeral Traditions Practiced Around the World

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    Over time, cultures around the world have developed their own unique traditions for funerals. And with more than two million people dying each year in the U.S. alone, there are numerous funerals every year. So if you’re going through a funeral planning checklist, you’ll see a lot of different tasks that need to be done. Memorial services and funerals can be arranged however the surviving family members deem appropriate — but what are some of the most popular and unique funeral traditions found around the world?

    Burial Beads in South Korea: Due to lack of graveyard space, South Korea passed a law in 2000 that requires graves to be removed after 60 years. Because of this requirement, cremation has become a popular method of final disposition. But instead of ashes, many families choose to have the remains pressed into gem-like beads. These beads can then be displayed in a home or kept in an urn like ashes normally would.

    Jazz Funeral in New Orleans: In New Orleans, life is celebrated with music. So it only makes sense to have a jazz procession for funerals — on the way to the grave, the jazz procession leads the funeral attendants with sad music and follows the funeral with merrier music. In doing this, the funeral attendants can both mourn the loss of the deceased with sad music and celebrate their life with more upbeat music and dancing.

    Sky Burials in Tibet: For thousands of years, Tibetans have been practicing what is known as “sky burials”, in which the body isn’t actually buried at all. Due to their belief of the transmigration of spirits upon death, the body of the deceased is laid on a mountaintop to be exposed to the elements. Once external elements, including vultures, have cleaned the body, the bones are then ground up and fed to crows. This process allows the remaining body to be used after the spirit is gone.

    As you can see, many cultures have varying funeral practices around the world. While some of these traditions may not be on your funeral planning checklist, it’s important to think about what kind of traditions should be involved in the funeral you’re planning to honor the deceased.

    5 Secrets of Highly Successful PowerPoint Presenters

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    Millions of businesses use web design, branding, and other marketing tactics to grow their business. Among the visual assets that businesses often use are PowerPoint presentations. They are essential for many business practices, and their quality makes a huge impact on the audience.

    How do successful executives and marketing professionals take full advantage of PowerPoint’s first-rate features? Let’s take a look.

    Maximize Visual Impact While Embracing Minimalism
    PowerPoint allows you to use many forms of multimedia like audio, video, and images to create an interesting and engaging display for your audience. But the most successful presenters know that the trick is to carefully select the right media to support the message. They avoid creating a chaotic and busy layout, adding too much text, or using cheesy effects. Remember, your presentation should be impactful and is there to support your message, not to be distracting.

    Collaborate With Convenience
    With PowerPoint, you can collaborate with your coworkers, as the program allows you and your teammates to work together on one presentation even from different computers and locations. Technology like this means that everyone involved can make a meaningful contribution no matter where they are. You can add information to slides while your coworker leaves notes and comments for all team members to view. Using Microsoft OneDrive makes this easy for the group.

    Communicate and Circulate
    Your presentation is not over just because you’ve finished the pitch. Did an essential contributor or client miss the meeting? No worries, you can post your PowerPoint presentation online and share it with anyone you’d like. OneDrive makes content sharing easier than ever, allowing you to share files and work on documents with anyone inside or outside of your organization.

    Customize Templates for Brand Consistency
    PowerPoint allows for extensive customization so every brand can effectively communicate with their audience and retain brand consistency. Revealed Creative is a professional PowerPoint presentation design company that can create a custom template for you to use, from simple to very in depth, including icons, charts, and technical diagrams. A strong template reflects your brand and supports your message, making you and your message more memorable to your audience.

    Hire a Professional PowerPoint Presentation Design Company
    The most successful PowerPoint presenters don’t go it alone. They reach out for help from the best in the industry. There are roughly 30 million PowerPoint presentations created on a daily basis, and you want yours to stand out. A poor quality presentation can have devastating effects on what your audience hears – that’s why you should hire a professional PowerPoint presentation design company. The professional PowerPoint designers at Revealed Creative will give your presentation the edge it needs to help you get ahead with your business. We can create a new template for you, update an existing presentation, or provide a full service presentation from content to visuals. maillots foot maillots foot maillots foot

    The 3 Main Advantages of Working With Civil Construction Companies

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    civil construction companiesThe U.S. construction industry is one of the largest construction markets in the world, with expenditures totaling near $1.1 billion. Because the types of job vary across the country, there are plenty of construction crews that are inexperienced when it comes to certain aspects of the industry. Thanks to civil construction companies, though, these trained civil constriction contractors can offer plenty of specialized services.

    One of the main advantages of working with civil construction companies is the ability to have professional land surveys performed on the specific construction site. Survey  and land planning are great during the planning process of a major construction job. Rather than blindly going into a construction site, performing dangerous tasks and working on potentially uneven ground near other hazards, work with a land surveying team to get a better look at the land. Thanks to the emergence of 3D technology, civil engineers are able to bring up a full 3D map of your consecution site and offer plenty of additional assistance.

    Another benefit of outsourcing some aspects of the construction industry is the ability to work with heavy hauling services. Each construction crew around the country may not have the necessary heavy machinery for specific jobs. Working with a heavy haul company would allow you to have access to high quality equipment for erosion control, concrete work, and any other heavy land cleaning service.

    The third and perhaps most important positive aspect of working with specialized construction crews is safety. Although it’s your responsibility to make sure you and your team are safe, it’s hard to 100% guarantee that when you’re unaware of every single detail of the contraction site and land.

    By contacting professional civil construction companies and working with experienced consultants, you’ll be on the right track to successfully complete many more jobs in an even shorter amount of time. Weather you need survey services, heavy haul services, or excavation services, don’t just send your team into a potentially unsafe area or without the right equipment, get professional help. michael kors bolsos michael kors bolsos michael kors bolsos

    Simple Design Tips for Your Next Trade Show

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    Trade show concept.Your company has created a highly innovative product that is sure to change the industry and become a household name, but without the proper marketing strategy, it is unlikely that you will reach your full potential and achieve the success your brilliant idea deserves.

    Trade shows are the ideal venue in which to gain exposure for your brand, but the design of your custom exhibit display is fundamental in earning effective publicity. A custom exhibit design firm can help you take your display beyond the basics in order to impress and engage potential leads.

    Simple Design Tips for Your Next Trade Show

    Choose the right font: Visibility and readability are partially determined by typography or font. In order to attract visitors to your exhibit and communicate with them, your information must be easily seen and understood. Sans-serif fonts like Helvetica are widely regarded as the easiest to read. The size of the font is important, as well. One rule of thumb is to add an inch to the font for every foot away the viewer will be standing. For example, add 10 inches to the font size if you anticipate that viewers will read your text from 10 feet away.

    Carefully plan your graphics layout: One thing to consider about exhibit graphics design is the use of blank space. Graphics space should be 40% blank. Long-range graphics should be set as high up as possible; medium-range graphics should sit just above the average visitor’s eye level, and short-range graphics should fall within five and six feet above the floor.

    Use no more than three colors: The goal of your custom exhibit display is to get a simple message across in the least amount of time. Using too many different colors can make the booth feel “busy” and will complicate the message.

    By hiring a professional designer or trade show booth builder , you will learn more about the aforementioned techniques along with many more invaluable marketing methods. Trade show exhibit designers have the experience and understanding of graphic design marketing required to identify and display your brand’s strengths, and to make your booth the most impressive and memorable at the trade show. nike air max bw nike air max bw nike air max bw

    Five-Year-Old Boy Has Dream Answered by Getting Tour of Cooling Tower

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    cooling towerIn what might be the most heart-warming story you’ll read about cooling tower structures all year, a young boy from Mirfield, England had a peculiar dream of his answered. According to The Yorkshire Post , Henry Preece was riding with his parents down the M62 roadway when he spotted the enormous “elephant chimneys,” as he called them. He instantly became enamored with the obtrusive cooling tower systems.

    “Henry was simply amazed at their size compared to what he had seen from the motorway. All he could say was ‘they’re giant’ over and over again,” his mother, Amy, said.

    The towers are 114 meters, or about 374 feet tall, which is giant, but still not even close to the 663-foot cooling tower of Kalisindh Thermal Power Station in Jhalawar, Rajasthan, India.

    Instead of just leaving it at that, little Henry decided he wanted to explore the inside of the giant, fascinating structures. So he sent the owner of the towers, Drax Power Station, a letter pleading for the opportunity to make his dreams come true and see inside the mysterious cooling towers.

    Henry’s letter read as follows:

    My name is Henry. I am five years old. I like the elephant feet chimneys more than chocolate! Please please can I visit them? Love Henry.’

    Who could say no to that? Apparently not Drax, who decided to break their own rule of only allowing engineers inside the units, and gave the young Preece boy a guided tour. Officials for the cooling tower company believe this makes Preece the youngest person to ever step foot inside of the North Yorkshire power station, and quite possibly any cooling tower anywhere.

    In addition to getting to step inside one of the towers, Preece reportedly had a great time with the interactive models in the visitors center. He also got to see the station’s turbine hall.

    While these cooling towers’ size certainly caught the youngsters eyes, not all towers are so substantial. They can vary in size from small roof-top units that are designed to handle water streams of only a few gallons of water per minute, to very large structures, like the ones Preece saw. oficialairmax oficialairmax oficialairmax

    What are the Best Outrigger Pads for Concrete Equipment?

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    outrigger padsAnyone who uses mobile cranes or lifting equipment has to take special care to select outrigger pads rated for their equipment. Not only do they need to be the right size and thickness, they also need to provide support above and beyond your maximum lifting capacity. Pads without a high enough crush rating are disasters waiting to happen.

    OSHA guidelines require cranes to be assembled on firm ground that is well drained and graded. But that puts concrete contractors in a tough spot, as they’re often the ones preparing the ground for everyone else. So they have to be even more careful when choosing the best outrigger pads for their equipment.

    DICA CEO Kris Koberg kept hearing from concrete workers who needed more support for their equipment. So this March, DICA unveiled a new system that stabilizes outrigger pads on uneven, soft or uncompacted ground, a system designed specifically for the needs of concrete contractors.

    The new crane pads stabilization system was recently featured in Lift and Access magazine, which reported that the new pads won’t be affected by the elements and heavy use, nor will they ever rot, delaminate, rust, decompose, or soak up water on the job, unlike wooden or steel crane pads.

    “Concrete work frequently occurs in areas of disturbed, uncompacted softer ground. Our customers needed an engineered, lightweight, easy-to-handle solution that would allow them to achieve safe ground bearing pressures in these environments. FiberMax Dunnage Pads, constructed of our fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) material, are extremely rigid and durable,” Koberg told the magazine.

    When choosing the right outrigger pads for your equipment, construction experts consider three factors: the size of the outrigger foot, the outrigger load for the equipment, and the ground conditions. While the first two factors are known quantities, the third is out of your control, or at least, it used to be.

    That’s why DICA’s FiberMax crane pads are designed for cranes with lifting capacities of up to 600 tons, a crush rating of 1,000 psi, and rated capacity of 375,000 pounds. And now, concrete companies can buy the new stabilization system in two thicknesses, and the 1.5-inch super-duty option features a crush rating of 2,500 psi.

    In the past, the only way to provide that much support was with bulky, expensive steel crane pads. DICA crane pads are engineered with thermoplastic material seven times lighter than steel and four times lighter than aluminum, helping cut down on transportation costs.

    For more information on the stabilization system for crane pads and outrigger pads, check out the writeup in Lift and Access . nike air max hombre nike air max hombre nike air max hombre