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    Tips For Preserving The Energy In Your Home And Cutting Down Your Energy Bills

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    Heating and cooling systems are hugely important in many parts of the United States. After all, more than half of all homes in this country now have some form of an air conditioning system. During the sweltering summer months and the frigid winter ones (and many places and climates experiencing some of each), the need to control the internal temperature of the home can be immense. In many cases, it can even end up being a matter of safety, to say the very least. And the HVAC industry is one the rise in order to meet this demand, showing a projected growth of as much as 15% between the years of 2016 and 2026, a mere ten year span of time.

    But there is no doubting the fact that heating and cooling costs can be quite high indeed. As a matter of fact, it is not uncommon for heating and cooling costs to amount to half – if not even more – of the average energy bill in the average home. This can be quite detrimental not only to the financial standing of the home owners in question, but

    When You Spray Some Foam Insulation in the Attic

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    A house will have a number of utilities and hardware pieces that keep it in good shape and running smoothly, and these range from the plumbing and sewer main all the way to the heating and air conditioning, the spray foam insulation in the walls and attic, and more. A responsible homeowner will stay on top of home maintenance, and someone who rents their living space can and should alert their landlord of any hardware issues such as a drafty window or a malfunctioning wall socket. A new homeowner may soon learn that a house’s windows, doors, and walls and attic are in fact closely connected to the electric bill, with the heating and cooling system acting as the bridge. If the home’s insulation is poor, the heating and cooling system will be overworked, and that drives up the electric bill. Fortunately, a homeowner may browse spray foam kits online and find such spray foam insulation equipment for sale on digital catal