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    Why Companies Rely Upon Third Party Verification Services When Screening Candidates

    Written by Business Training Video. Posted in E verify employment eligibility verification, Post employment screening services, Professional screening services

    When a company is seeking to fill a vacant position, the search for the right employee may seem to take a long time. Therefore, once the perfect candidate is found, it may seem easy to simply select and onboard them. With that being said, that final interview should not be the stopping point in the hunt for the right candidate. A background check is a necessary part of hiring a new employee.

    Though it is becoming more common for small to mid-sized businesses to skip a background check, doing so opens a company up for potential injuries. For that matter, background checks should not be handled in house, where they may be subject to the human error that comes with amateur screenings. Rather, third party employment verification services offer avenues for employers to screen candidates and employees before and after they’re hired. With that