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    Reasons to Use a Third Party Logistics Facility

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    Reasons to Use a Third Party Logistics Facility

    The trucking industry has been booming in recent years. Any carrier in the trucking industry does well for themselves and the trucking industry is a solid career to get into. When conducting a heavy hall, many trucking companies turn to third part logistic facilities to get the job done. Why are third party companies so important to the success of the trucking industry? According to the Canadian Trucking Alliance, report state that in Canada alone, the trucking industry is worth over $65 billion with more than 260,000 drivers and over 400,000 employees overall. A 65 billion dollar industry cannot function alone, and requires outside sources to cover anything from every day transports to a heavy haul.

    Reasons to Choose 18 Wheels Logistics

    18 Wheel Logistics is a powerhouse in the trucking and heavy haul industry. A commercial logistics company, 18 Wheel Logistics uses reverse logistics to run the company. Since trucking i