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    What Induction Heating Can Do

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    Industry today is often based on the application of heat to do work, such as melting metals to form specialized alloys, or else melting glass or other materials to reshape them. Even in everyday life, heating is critical, such as for welding on the job or cooking in the home. Induction melting often makes use of an inuction heating coil, which can rapidly heat itself with electromagnetic currents (as opposed to an external heat source like with conduction heating), and an inuction heating coil may be found on a small scale, such as the burner on an electric stove in the home, or a bigger scale, like an inuction heating coil (or an array of them) melting raw ores or metals in a factory to forge new items, weld metals together, or form alloys. An induction furnace itself may need maintenance, though; regular inspections by professionals can ensure that nothing is damaged or melted, and a busted inuction heating coil might bring a whole factory to a halt until it is fixed. Continue Reading No Comments