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    What to Know About Spray Foam Rigs

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    Anyone who is interested in energy-efficient home building is going to need to be informed about the importance of spray foam rigs. When buildings are not created properly, the seams that leak air can be a massive energy drain. In fact, many monthly bills could be reduced by 20 percent if it was possible to cut down on the amount of air leaking out at any given time. It’s been estimated that 40 percent of energy that gets lost in a building has to do with air filtration.

    In commercial buildings, if the energy efficiency was improved by just ten percent, we could be saving $40 billion! It’s clear that energy efficiency is a very crucial aspect of creating a sustainable building, whether it’s for business or home use.

    Part of creating an insulated environment that isn’t leaking air is using the right materials. Spray foam rigs are some of the equipment that comes into play. Spray foam in

    Are You Frustrated with High Utility Bills from Heating and Cooling Your Property?

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    The leaky roof that you had last winter was a direct result of the lack of the needed spray foam insulation. Fortunately, when you had your roofs replaced this summer as a result of a recent spring hail storm this problem was hopefully erased. And while you have not yet taken the time or spent the money to blow in more insulation with one of the offered spray foam kits, the hope is that the new roof vents that were installed will help eliminate the chance of snow ever blowing into the attic again. Equipped with a fiberglass open weave filter, these vents still allow the needed circulation of air, without allowing snow to make its way inside.
    Spray foam insulation equipment for sale continues to be in high demand throughout the country as many property owners face extreme weather conditions. Whether or not you believe in global warming, it is dif