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    5 Materials Used for Laser Cutting and Engraving

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    Laser cutting and engraving is a process that is growing more common with each year. Originally created in 1965 strictly for industrial purposes, the technology for laser cutting and laser engraving is becoming more widespread in a commercial way. Laser cutting is when a high-powered laser is applied to a variety of materials so that it can be cut into sections or patterns, or specific designs. This is performed by a laser cutting company that provides custom laser cutting services for clients. This article looks at five materials that can be used for laser cutting and engraving.

    • Leather: One material that you might not think of for laser cutting and engraving is leather. Leather is actually a great material for this process because of how supple and versatile it is. Leather can be cut into a variety of useful shapes and then engraved with names or designs to suit a variety of needs. For example, using this process, leather can be cut with lasers into bracelets, wallets,

    Examining The Benefits Of Slings In Construction Jobs

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    When it comes to working a construction job, you can never be too safe. In the construction industry, falls are the leading cause of death and proper fall protection is still the most frequent Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) violation. Bottom line, in the construction industry, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

    When it comes to lifting heavy loads on a construction site, slings are most often used. There are many types of slings available for use, but chain slings are among the most common. Chain slings offer durability and are versatile, able to lift everything from building materials to concrete slabs to piping. Many companies will offer many varieties of adjustable chain slings and alloy steel chain slings including single-leg slings, two-leg slings, three-leg slings and four-leg slings.

    Now that chain slings have been discussed, its also important to look at other types of slings including wire slings and fiber rope and synthetic web slings to name a