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    Arrangements to Work From Home

    Written by Business Training Video

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    Today’s business employees have more options than ever before for their work arrangements, and this is largely possible with modern tech such as phones (mobile and landline), the Internet, Cloud data storage, laptops, and more. Not only is this highly convenient for some employees who have complex needs for their home life or travel, but it has also proven cost-effective and beneficial for the company and manager as a whole, too. Many modern managers are exploring remote work options for their employees, and for good reason. An employee today, for example, may work customer service jobs remotely, such as at a stay at home call center. Flexible careers for moms may be like this, for women who can’t easily leave their households every day. A person may choose to work from home for insurance company business, and this arrangement may bear fruit. What is there to know if someone chooses to work from home for insurance company business or otherwise work remotely? And what is an independent

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