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    The Need for Bulk Envelopes in Business and Other Industries

    Written by Business Training Video. Posted in Black cardstock paper, Cardstock paper wholesale, Shimmer cardstock

    Well over 90 metric tons of paper produced annually in America means that there is definitely something that we can do about it. Considering the many bulk envelopes and other mass paper options that we purchase as businesses, steps can be taken to move back from the increased production of paper documents that takes place here in America every year.

    The Many Uses of Bulk Paper

    We all know that offices are among the most common places to purchase paper products in bulk. There are already over four trillion paper documents in the United States annually, with that growing by over 20% annually. Something can easily be done to help reduce those numbers, often with companies like utility companies, banks, and other financial corporations offering some sort of benefit for choosing monthly electronic statements. With the reduction of printed monthly statements, there would also be the reduced need for bulk envelopes for all these companies. The ones that are not necessary as recy