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    Better Packaging for Better Sales

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    A business’ products need to sell, and there are all sorts of marketing and advertising campaigns that a company may employ to attract customers’ attention and show off why their items are the best to buy. Television, internet, and radio ads are all common routes, but in the store, a customer will see the product in person, and in this scenario, it is packaging that will entice a customer and make him or her want to buy that item. This applies to anything from food packages like coffee bag packaging and organic food packaging to dog food packaging or cat food, all the way to children’s toys to board games to cleaning products like liquids and powders, or even computer parts. Food, in particular, is an arena where companies work hard to make their product stand out, such as organic food packaging and boxes for cake mixes or soup cans. Many of today’s customers, especially younger ones, are discerning about the food they eat, often with an eye for nutrition, whole ingredients, and sustai

    Food Packaging Labels Help Consumers Understand the Purchases They Make

    Written by Business Training Video

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    Packaging matters. From the paper coffee bags that help promote a local coffee to the printed resealable pouches that are used for fruit and vegetables, packaging not only helps protect the inside products, but also serves as a marketing tool.
    As Halloween approaches and marketing teams help companies prepare for both Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, it should come as no surprise that there are many seasonal designs that will be filling the shelves in grocery stores and other retail locations across the country. Some of the simple and clean designs that adorn high end packages can be spotted from across the store to the vibrant, fresh, and trendy designs that help market products to teenagers, packaging drives purchase decisions.
    Organic Tea Packaging and Paper Coffee Bags Continue to Grow in Popularity
    In a time when more and more people are concerned about the environmental