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    7 Ways to Get More From Your Electronic Business Signs

    Written by Business Training Video. Posted in Digital led business signs

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    Signage is very important to get people into your business. At least 35% of consumers say that they only found the business they were looking for because they saw a sign out front. Moreover, when businesses add or change up the look of their sign, research shows their revenue goes up. Just making a sign bigger can cause a company to bring in about 7.7% more in revenue. Using electronic business signs can make more people notice you.

    1. Make your message simple. When you are dealing with any kind of marketing materials, it is important to keep messages short and sweet. You do not have a lot of time to get your message across to people who will view it. It has been found that when people are looking at websites, they will give a page three seconds or less to load before abandoning it to look elsewhere for what they need. The same principle is the same for signage for businesses. Only include the most important information on your signs.
    2. Think about who you are tryin